Ways to Optimize Your Webpage Titles for SEO

Now we all know that having a clean, professional and responsive website is important to get potential customers, increase sales and expand your reach. However, a website with strong sales is not limited to its design and features. The following tips and tricks can be used to create a website with integrated search engine optimization (SEO) to attract more traffic to the website.

When a customer searches online, Google or any other search engine will try to verify if your website or page matches what searcher is looking for. If it thinks it’s a match, your website or webpage will appear somewhere within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Having a website that is SEO optimised is important because it affects how many customers are able to find you online. The titles of your web pages can make a difference if your website is on the first page of the Google SERPs. It is essential for you to optimise them.

But how do you come up with perfect titles? Today we will talk about 5 different ways to optimise the titles of the web pages of your website to improve your SEO ranking and attract more customers to your website.

Make sure your titles include keywords – Keywords are words and phrases that people use when they search the Internet. Including keywords in the titles of your web pages will increase your chances of being discovered when customers search online. The keywords that match the words in the titles or descriptions of your web pages will be in bold in the SERP, which will show users that the content of your website matches your expectations. The most important keywords should appear in the first half of the title to get the best results.

Try not to use dashes or commas in your titles because they separate keyword phrases and key terms. Use pipes “|” instead, or try to avoid the need for commas or dashes at all.

Be location-specific – 20% of searches finished on the internet are specific to that user’s geographic location. For example in automotive industry, majority of customers will buy their car at a dealership that is situated close to them. By adding a city or area name where you are located in your title, will notably increase the chance of being shown on the first page of local SERPs.

Keep your title concise – Google will automatically show the first 50-60 characters of a title tag. Your plan for your title should be around that length in order to display it properly. Your goal is to have the whole title to show up on Google SERPs. If part of your title is cut off, it may cut off valuable information. In addition titles that are too long may not catch the attention of customers because they are already scrolling through lots of information when making searches. Keeping your title relatively short, simple, and to the point is a better strategy. You can always put the other important information in your description instead.

Be attention-grabbing to customers – Having an attractive title is important and is a great digital marketing strategy. A title will capture the attention of customers and give confidence to them to visit your website, which will boost your Click Through Rate (CTR). Aside from SEO related keywords, a good web page title is an all-around good plan to expand your reach and get more customers.

Write with the customers in mind, not just for Google – Although the importance of optimising your page titles for SEO, it’s also vital to remember that at the end of the day website are here to serve the customer. So you should optimise page titles focusing customer in mind. Page titles are also the text that appear on the tab of your browser, so it should remind users what they were looking at.

It may require several attempts to get the ideal title for your web pages. Like all things titles can be trial and error until you find the right one. It’s important not to put too much stress on finding the perfect title because your ultimate goal should be to provide your customers with valuable information. Want to learn more about optimising your website and SEO? At Manchester Web Solutions, we have been creating and designing websites. Our websites are built with SEO in mind. Give us a call today at 161 231 3131!