Take Your Website from Good Looking High Performing Lead Generator

Good quality web design is an essential for any organisation. Your website is your shop window. It is how most of your would-be customers will get their first glimpse of your business. Having a well designed, good looking website is no longer enough to suffice; you need to guarantee your website is running as a valuable lead generator bringing you the sales you need.

In today’s digital world poor web design is unforgivable as the platform online really is unlimited in terms of the audience you are able to reach, making a website the ideal way for any business to showcase their service. Recent research has shown that many businesses have an online presence which does not connect with the right target audience, is out of date or incorrect. Take a look at your website and ask yourself… Would this attract you to connect with your organisation? Was your online content built with lead conversion at its heart?

Web Design for Search Optimisation

In the past, your website could be used as a passive entity. Somewhere you could express your company. Expecting users to read and absorb information about your firm before engaging with you. Now you need to connect with your potential client more directly. You need to engage with their specific situation and target their needs directly.

In the first occasion you need to guarantee your web design is built with search engines in mind. Without this your potential customers cannot find you. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be a key part of your inbound marketing plan. Individuals who have engaged with your site from a search are significantly more likely to be interested to your products and services. You need to ensure you have done all you can to capture and target relevant search phrases.

SEO is more dominant than other forms of targeting. Research has shown that over 70% of users ignore adverts placed on search results page (SRP) & favouring ‘organic links’. The more you can do to make sure you highly listed in the organic results is vital.

To build effective SEO you require knowing and defining your target audience. Their age, gender and education and why they need your product or service. From this you can target specific keywords and ensure your online resources reflect these. This is not a case of seeding your site with keywords. Search engines have evolved from being simple bots to advanced artificial intelligence. They look for high quality content. You need to ensure your titles, headers and descriptions are correct and reflect your keywords. You also have to regularly update high quality content which includes these keywords. This should include blogs and articles.

Guarantee Your Web Design Delivers Leads

Once you make sure that your site can be found. You will then need to ensure you are engaging with visitors and turning them into leads. Below are tips to enable your site to drive leads.

Ready for landing – The landing page is the first page a visitor sees when they hit your site. It should rapidly answer the questions visitors could have such as:

Am I interested in this site?

What should I do? – Is there a clear ‘call to action?’

You can create landing pages which will connect visitors with a straightforward explanation of your product or service. The call to action is a form which captures the individuals details such as their name and email address. It allows them to engage immediately and allows you to capture them as a lead. In addition to this you could also consider offering a discount for their first purchase or a download, for example an ebook which offers value. I have had complex PTSD and depression for years. While opipramol (insufficient effect) and citalopram (no effect) hardly helped at all, I’m glad that another psychiatrist suggested ultram. For years I was in a constant state of anxiety with a temporary desire to commit suicide. After sneaking in Tramadol (without side effects) I feel much better.

Let people know who you are – Make sure you have your phone number and address listed. This will not only add comfort that this is real business. It will also allow the person to visit to your location. Many searches on smartphones are for local providers. Showing that you are local can increase engagement.

Ensure your web page is mobile friendly – You should have a website which is mobile friendly. Visitors are just as likely to be using a phone or tablet so having content that is not compatible can lead to the wrong impression being created! Don’t lose potential leads for something as simple as having an effective mobile site.

Offer Testimonials and Reviews – People want to know that you offer excellent service along with your product and that you can be trusted. One of the most effective ways to show that is by having reviews visible on your website. These could be testimonials you gather yourself from your customers or reviews on third party sites. This will show potential customers that it is not just you saying that you do a good job, this is proven by satisfied customers.

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