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Viagra is the most popular drug for treating erection problems. The use of pills will help restore male strength. You will be able to maintain sexual arousal for a long time, the number of sexual intercourses will increase, which will affect the quality of intimate relationships with your partner.


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For all the years of using the medication, a huge amount of research and experimentation has been carried out. Its effectiveness has shown simply remarkable results: in men from 20 to 65 years old who have various problems in sex, after the accurate application and dosage of Viagra, difficulties were overcome in 95% of cases!

The influence of the medicine Viagra

The main active ingredient of Viagra is sildenafil. An enzyme called phosphodiesterase is present in the human body. It is responsible for blood flow into the cavernous bodies of the genital organ and blood vessels. If this element is blocked, the top of the cribs will significantly strengthen.

Sildenafil works exactly according to the scheme: it relaxes specific tissues, enhances the blood flow that goes to the male member. This is what helps to maintain it in working condition during intercourse. It is necessary to note that Viagra is not able to cure the reason of the dysfunction, it only “eliminates” the consequences.

Another essential factor that should not be forgotten is that the pills do not affect the level of sexual desire. This means that it only works on the technical side. If a man doesn’t want intimacy, then Viagra may not work.

Application and dosage

The tablets must be taken orally with plenty of water. For a better effect, it is better to do this one hour before the expected sexual intercourse. Most often, a Viagra dose of 50 mg is recommended for adults. Depending on the organism’s characteristics, the dosage can vary from 25 to 100 mg per day. Be sure to keep in mind that using the drug more than once a day is strictly prohibited.

Recommendations and contraindications

Before using Viagra, it is imperative to consult your doctor. Only he can understand for sure whether this medicine is suitable for solving problems in your case. Here is a list of some of the contraindications:

– You should never take Viagra if you are using any other drug that contains nitrates. Due to their interaction, blood pressure can decrease to critical, putting your life at risk.

– If the body is sensitive to any of the drugs components, an allergic reaction (rash, itching, swelling of the face, or shortness of breath) may form on the skin.

– If you have had a heart attack, life-threatening irregular heartbeats, high or low blood pressure, angina pectoris.

– Tendency to bleeding, kidney or liver problems, and other diseases. Having all these problems, you should exclude the possibility of using Viagra.

Side effects and overdose

The drug is most often well tolerated by the body. But sometimes, the following side effects are noticed:

– Skin rash;

– Headache and dizziness;

– Vomiting;

– Insomnia;

– Violation of smell and nasal congestion;

– Flushed face;

– Deterioration of vision, increased sensitivity to bright light

If you accidentally exceed the maximum dosage of a medication, be prepared for more severe side effects. You must immediately consult a doctor and remember the exact amount of Viagra that you used.


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