How do I get more clients to my website?

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There are two golden rules to be put into action and followed to get more clients to your website.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimisation.

The process of ensuring that a website design converts visitors on your website into real customers is known as Conversion Rate Optimization (also known as CRO). This process is by far the most needed and the most overlooked in marketing strategies around the world. That’s why its inserted our as a rule 1, because while it’s worth getting a lot of traffic to your website you still need to focus on converting that traffic into customers through YOUR website! Here are 3 of the main elements to take into account when optimising the website for conversion rate:

  • Clear about your services?  It’s a main concern. Be very clear about what you are offering to your visitors.
  • Can someone easily contact you without any obstacles? Make sure your contact forms work properly and are easy to use. Also make sure the speed of your website is as fast as possible.
  • Do site have more contact options? (For example, chat, contact form and phone number) Many people prefer to communicate in different ways, so make sure you meet these requirements.
  1. Search Engine Optimisation.

Search engine optimization services is often referred to as SEO. The term mean “optimize” your website for “search engine”. The optimization could be simplified again with the word “improve”. So, if we analyze it, we can say “improve website can be found at the top of a search engine” or, to make it even simpler: “Get site on page 1 of Google!” A website is important to focus on the CRO and SEO. These two elements are the golden rules. We have established that the CRO is the process by which a customer is converted through a website design. Now we look at SEO, we need to think about ways to get web traffic to your website. This term refers to the number of visitors on a web page. So we are trying to give the go-ahead to the traffic on your website: more traffic should be equal to more customers In terms of SEO, it is important to use a reputable agency such as our SEO agency in Manchester. In SEO, there are 2 factors to consider: we like these two things: on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

On-site Search Engine Optimisation

On-site SEO is the term that refers to the work that is carried out ‘on’ a website – this can be work carried out that affects the content, the design & the architectural structure of the site. Here are lists of some on-site SEO factors you need to think about:

Page Loading Speed – the speed that your website loads will directly affect your conversions. Each of your pages needs to be speed optimised so they load as fast as possible. The faster the site, the easier it will be for users & better for CRO.

Content – on your website needs to be RELEVANT, ENGAGING & ACCURATE. Make sure you write clearly about your high-quality subject and make sure the content is engaging.

User Experience – When designing a website, you need to think of the user first. What this means is – making sure you keep in mind the type of experience your users are having. If they have a good experience – they are more likely to return!

Mobile responsiveness – websites which are design to work well on mobile phone is also a fact that more people each year are opening web pages from their phones with the current percentage being around 60%.

On-site Conclusion – Make sure your ‘on-site’ web pages are optimised with beautifully responsive design and well written content. 

Off-Site Search Engine Optimisation

Off-site SEO is the term that refers to the SEO work carried out ‘off’ of a website to help with the page rank of that site. (Or ‘away’ may be a better word) You could describe it in practical terms like ‘Carry out important work away from your website to help it get found easily’.

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