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Faster Web Loading Time Leads to Higher Conversions

We live in a hectic world where it’s difficult to attract the attention of our consumers. The average UK adult has an attention span of 10 seconds or less, so it’s crucial that all aspects of a business are efficient and reliable. Competitive markets in all industries means that your business needs to stand out and offer customers the most enjoyable online experience.

It is important to have a website that loads quickly because it retains the attention of potential customers, increasing the time the user is on the website and leads to more conversions. This also avoids the risk of high bounce rates while keeping the user on the web page.

According to Google, the average time required to fully load a mobile landing page is 9.5 seconds. Google searches show that 53% of users will leave a mobile page if the download takes more than 3 seconds.

According to Think with Google, 139 customers were seen on Google with 71% of the searches being conducted on a mobile device. If you want your business to be considered by potential customers during your search process, you must have a website that loads quickly. Users leave the websites of distributors that load slowly and reserve them. Therefore, these retailers never reach the final cut for the customer.

Manchester Web Solutions can optimise the loading of any website to less than 4 seconds. This way, you will never lose a new customer or a potential sale.

Causes for a Slow Automotive Website

Messy coding, poor website hosting and too much publicity are common reasons why your website may not load as fast as you want. Other reasons include browser caching, too many add-ons or extensions, and too many scripts and fonts.

Non-optimised images are usually one of the most common reasons for a website to load slowly. A web page on a site often contains more than 15 photos, but they are not formatted correctly and, therefore, take a long time to load.

Websites will also load slowly on smart phones and tablets if they are not optimised for mobile devices. Desktop pages take a while to try to display correctly on a much smaller screen. Today, most online searches take place on a mobile device. Having a website that responds to any device is more important than ever.

Consequences of a Slow Website

Speed ​​affects page views and revenue. A one-second delay in 2018 is equivalent to a 7% reduction in the number of conversions, according to Forbes magazine. Even a website that requires 7 seconds to upload increases the probability of bounce by 113%.

Websites must be fast, convenient and easily accessible to attract the attention of customers and keep them on your website. People no longer want to wait or waste time. Therefore businesses must keep their website updated and compatible with all devices.

Benefits of a Quickly Loading Website Landing Page

Google rates the landing page experience of websites and uses it to establish their search engine rankings. A faster upload website is better positioned with a better score and a better experience for users. A fast-loading website also means that your customers will enjoy spending time on your site. The longer a customer stays on your website, the more likely it will lead to a conversion or sale. This is the ultimate goal: increase conversions and sales.


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Manchester Web Solutions can implement a real solution by making a website that with responsive web design, ensuring all content is optimised to adjust and work seamlessly on any device. All text, photos, graphics, videos, and more will automatically resize itself to display the perfect image on the device. Resulting in faster loading times, as well as a more aesthetically pleasing website overall.


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